who we support

GenB takes the time to immerse ourselves in the nuances of your operating environment.

Established Enterprises

You are focused on your core business function and need a partner you can trust to lead design and development efforts of your digital products. You have an established annual budget for this work, but are looking to increase the quality and bang for the buck you get out of it.

Funded Startups

You are subject matter experts with a network of contacts in your industry. You have validated that your value proposition solves a problem for a known customer segment and now you need a partner you can trust to implement your vision. You have startup capital but want a low burn rate to stretch it as far as you can without sacrificing quality. You may be interested in offering equity in your venture to further reduce your burn rate.

Nascent Startups

Your business model canvas is still full of hypotheses, but you have a great team and the potential for success in your industry. You are interested in offering equity in exchange for a partner you can trust to develop MVPs and run experiments with you.