what we do

GenB creates custom, enterprise-grade applications.

Web Applications

Still the bread and butter of the digital world, we are experts in web application development. From windows XP to the latest iPhone, if it has a web browser, our applications respond accordingly.

Mobile & Tablet Applications

The market share of mobile and tablet devices remains ever in flux. We cover all your bases by remaining device and OS cross-compatible, building apps for iOS, Android, Windows, and BlackBerry.

Private Cloud Applications

In this age of the knowledge economy, ideas and execution plans are often more valuable than your tangible assets. With mass-consumer cloud offerings lacking data security and privacy, we build private email, file syncing, version control, and chat/video communication tools to keep your communications and collaborations just that…yours.

API Integrations

We have successfully integrated with Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Buffer, Hootsuite, Qualtrics, Gmail, DocuSign, and MailChimp. In cases where an API is not available, we have built custom data scraping agents to obtain structured data for use in client applications. We also build our own APIs to share data with other services or across our own custom applications to maintain a single administrative interface for ease of client use.