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hcdEX - HIPAA Compliant Data Exchange

Our product, hcdEX, was developed in response to the growing needs of the healthcare community to have a safe, reliable, and compliant way in which to move data in and out of their applications.

In fact, the name hcdEX comes from our core mission and offering: HIPAA Compliant Data Exchange.Therefore, everything we do is performed with the mantra of “compliance first” and BAA execution by default, as opposed to mass market solutions that treat HIPAA compliance as an afterthought and a BAA as a big payday. As we like to say, your data can’t get from A to B without a BAA!

In short, our product enables you to replicate your web database to your data warehouse of choice. Through a process known as extract, transform, load (ETL) we automate this database replication, eliminating the considerable complexity that developers often struggle with. And we do this in a 100% secure and HIPAA compliant way, getting your data seamlessly from your application to its destination without the risk of exposure.

hcdEX also simplifies the integration process, allowing you to connect your application to any EMR/EHR or 3rd party of your choice. We harness the powered of Mirth Connect, but make it as simple as point and click for you to setup your integration channels. With hcdEX you can support any protocol you need, translate any data format, and talk to any EMR/EHR.

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QuickHellou - video chat made easy

Our product, QuickHellou, lets you do just that: connect for a quick hello with anyone you like. No accounts to setup and no hoops to jump through, with a single click of the mouse, you’re up and running with a sharable link to a private video chat room.

All you need is a modern web browser and it works on PC, mobile, and/or tablet (see a list of supported browsers here). With QuickHellou, your video conferences are encrypted and nothing is stored. In fact, the content of your video chats are delivered via P2P (Peer-to-Peer), and never touches any middleware or centralized servers. It is completely free to use for one-off calls and is easy to integrate into your existing site or portal.

We also offer enterprise licenses if you would like to white label the product with your own brand, host an instance of the application on your own server, and/or customize the product to better fit your needs. We are available for hire if you’d like us to customize our product’s core for a video conferencing or e-learning solution on your behalf. With QuickHellou video chats, medical professionals can consult their patients in a HIPAA compliant manner; attorneys can have privileged discussions with their clients; and everyone can talk with anyone in a safe, secure, and private manner.

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