Engaged MD is a healthcare platform enabling patients to truly be informed before consenting to a procedure.

Engaged MD put their trust in GenB to implement this custom application with aspects of:

  • E-learning — tracking what areas patients struggle in, so that nurses can spend time where needed. It also reduces the amount of calls staff field, transitioning to a single review in which all concerns are addressed. 
  • Video streaming — detecting and serving the optimal format for any device and custom player controls to ensure videos are watched to completion.
  • Integration with DocuSign — allowing the system to automatically fire off consent forms to users without additional administration from the health care practices.
  • HIPAA compliance – security protocols implemented to protect patient information. All aspects of application data remain encrypted at rest, in transit, and in use. Strong password requirements and forced resets quarterly ensure access remains limited to validated users.

The platform currently serves over 1,000 patients per week across ten prestigious health care clinics in the United States. GenB continues to work with EngagedMD to continue to build out and refine the platform, pivoting with them as they grow.


Above: A custom video player serving optimized video for any device (Including legacy systems), defaulting to MP4 H.264 with fail-over to alternative MP4 encoding or flash video. Video files are served through an Amazon Web Services CloudFront integration to ensure fast loading times. 


Above: A robust integration with DocuSign enables a seamless experience between completing educational modules and signing corresponding medical consent legal documents. Historical records and the chain of custody of a given document can be obtained without leaving the application.